Moonshine in a Gold Cup

Chasing it so far that my stocking is torn and my breath is ragged.

I doused nearby lilies in the scant amount of kerosene that remained in my pocket.

The trees lit up with deep purple electricity in judgement.

For a moment my mind rolled past my object of desire.

I could smell it’s tracks beyond the crackling moisture.

Focus reaffirmed it’s grip on my legs and I ran.

Until I could no longer see the crest of either mountain. I ran.

And all at once, sitting upon an old wooden fence, there it was.

Machinery blasted nearby somewhere but it did not flinch from the sound.

It winked and beckoned me close.

Knowing my goal, it beckoned me anyways.

It took my hand and without knowing why, red infringing on my mind,

I snatched it back and ran in horror. 



If you ever believe anything I say,

Believe this.

There is a ghost right beside you.

This ghost is not here to haunt you.

This ghost is not here to harm you.

This ghost is not here to love you.

This ghost, is here to observe you.

Observe everything you do and everything you feel-

He notices everything. He notices every time your face twitches in pain. Knows who it is that makes you smile, even when it doesn’t show upon your lips. He notes every nervous habit, every fear, every hope, every dream, every sin, every deed.

Good or bad.

At the end of a period of time that you could never measure, he stops observing.

As sudden as he began.

And he speaks to you.

At first you’re not sure what language he’s speaking.

You understand it, but don’t know how. Whatever language, he speaks slow and deliberate.

You understand him to be telling you the reason for watching you.

You understand him to say that you aren’t special.

You understand him when he says on a personal level that he is jealous of you.

You hear him tell you that being so near to you for this period of time, infected him.

He cries at night now.

He feels everything now.

He says you introduced him to emotions he cannot control.

He did not observe you control them either.

You understand him to say, he doesn’t know what to do.