They feel the same small destruction as I do.

False ideals burst and splatter on their walls as they do mine.

Yet somehow a silent alarm is tripped and they rise up, straight and strong whenever I find solace on the cool, hard bathroom floor.

Their heads turn at the same time, with that sideways look of knowing.

And if possible, I sink lower than the floor.

Level by level.

They guard the door and every word they speak is soaked in pretense.

I see you out there. Beyond them.

Too preoccupied to beg them to part, and too preoccupied to ask for my hand.

Too preoccupied to help me up.

If time had a speed and a colour in this moment, it would be glacial grey.

That’s the strange thought that keeps cycling through my head as they simply stare through me.

They ignore the movement of my hand splaying and tensing against the tile.

All I can wish now is that eventually I’ll reach a level where they can no longer see me.


The 10 Most Important Canadians Your Kids Should Know About

Champion Wrangler

On our country’s 147th birthday it got me thinking about all the lists of great Canadians compiled out there. Did I agree? Who did they miss, who did they get right? And if I picked my own list, what would the criteria be for someone to make said list?

I am proud of my country and I want my kids to know which of our fellow Canadians are someone they can be proud to share a nationality with and aspire to be like.

So tell me if you agree, or who should be here instead, in your opinion. (Keep in mind I limited it to between the twentieth century and the present, although I’m sure Louis Riel was great and all).

Happy Canada Day!!

10. Wayne Gretzky 


“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.”

You knew he would be on here right? Hockey’s greatest champ. Rightfully so with over…

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For What It’s Worth

I thought this was really poignant and beautiful!


With heavy sigh, you ask me why
We have to roam this earth.
I do not know the reason though
Except that life has worth.

I know it’s hard when you regard
Death as a prudent means
Of pure release, joyous surcease,
From all the pain you’ve seen.

But there is joy, however coy,
In even dreary days,
And just a smile can for awhile
Bring worth in simple ways.

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