Shane Powers!!!

Where the hell are you? I mean granted I’ve gone years without pushing the issue but tonight I’m on a rampage and I’m pissed off that such a public figure just… disappears! And Twitter doesn’t count.

Shane Powers had this blog that made my day, every day. He was angry, smart, sensitive in an assholish way…. and the only blog I’ve EVER cared about. He put his real opinion out there, couldn’t care less what people thought and he did it in a really entertaining yet intelligent way.

And now? Where are you Shane Powers? I googled your photo to try and get one of those grainy black and white pics of you looking like you were on the last day of a ten day bender with a cigarette hanging out of your mouth and NOT ONE PIC. Except from when you were on Survivor and try to imagine how little I care about that.

I’ll find you Shane Powers, I need you to be what you were, not some shitty Twitter, Kardashian following nerd. Come back NOW.


One thought on “Shane Powers!!!

  1. shauna1200 says:

    Oooo I found him.


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